BTSSB show at Global Collective Fashion Week

We attended the BTSSB (Baby the Stars Shine Bright) Fashion show this fashion week.

By Yvette Estime

BTSSB showed their Spring and summer 2025 line at the Chelsea Industrial on February 10th. The line of EGT girls going into the show was so massive. The show started 30 minutes. Another show that started at 1pm (it was also featuring Japanese fashion) invited us but we choose to go to this one instead.

BTSSB: Arriving at the show

Traffic increased after we arrived. We almost stood in the non-press line which was full of sweet faced Lolita-style women with matching cords and the cutest bags. We stood in line just to look at the matching cords. Later, we realized the press line was on the opposite side.

Before the show

The show started 30 minutes late. We sat in the front row and took pictures. So many famous EGL vloggers attended and a photographer that we shoot with a little while back. So many women wanted a front row seat. All the seats had a gift from BBTSSB however. Even if it was a plastic bag with show cards on the third row. My only problem, most of the influencers that were photographed were not wearing EGL nor even aware of the style. Some of their outfits seemed risky for the brand. Those sitting in the front row wore simple clothes as well. This fact lead the BBTSSB team to pull some EGL women from standing to sitting.

BBTSSB: Themes of the show

The video backdrop changed with every model that walked. The video showed cute themes including the brand’s mascots, a teddy bear and a bunny.

The Twins: A symbol of Community and Friendship

The focus on friendship and community stood as unspoken hallmarks of the brand. The model’s diversity stood out as well. Trans women, plus size and culturally diverse models showcased the brand’s inclusivity at a time where most brands paired back diversity. The fashion twins showcased the brand’s focus on community.

The EGL wedding dress

Wedding season and spring go hand in hand. These dresses throw the status quo of the white dress with pink and blue hues, plenty of lace and embroidered motifs. The diversity of the hairpieces went beyond the veil with top hats, bonnets and floral headbands replacing the standard veil.

The Accessories: Bunnies, Bows, & Bears

Accessories make a brand and the show showcased the best accessories. Hair accessories featured fuzzy faux fur bunny and bear ears, berets with bows and lace and the details on the stockings – perfection.

The Bag Edit

Furry ITA bags shaped like a bunny and a rabbit in various colors (pink, cream and brown), stuff animal like miniature bags, book bags and more adorned the runway.

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