Introverts fashion for Spring

introverts fashion with a woman bending over in a pink shirt and baggy jeans

Sheer, strappy, sparkly…Oh my! What is an introvert to wear this Spring? Try these trends to melt into the crowd,

By Yvette E

Introverts fashion exists despite the world population (60%) contain more extroverts; so Spring trends bend towards racy and showy styles. Some styles exist out there for introverts like Academia, casual Lolita and Cottagecore. However, if deciding on a style makes you confused then shopping these trends may be just the cure.

We outline three spring introverts fashion trends to try this year.

Preppy Layers

Courtesy of Who What Wear

Layering a sweater or dress with a buttoned down shirt adds a scholastic charm to an outfit. Possibly, a mirco-trend, use it to define a personal style that already exists in your closet.

Wear White

White made a comeback this year. Color trends make a it easy to update your wardrobe because it fits easily into anyone’s personal style. From accessories to a simple white tee or cardigan; adding a modest twist with this color is low effort. The perfect introverts fashion trend.

Wide leg trousers

Model wearing a Chanel logo sweatshirt with cargo pants as an example of introverts fashion

Ditch the jeans for wide leg pants with structured waist. Add a wide belt to accent you waist, The loose fit feels tomboy but paired with a blouse or t-shirt can be modest and trendy. Check out Spring trends to skip here.

Happy hump day!


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