Spring 2021 bags trends

Models holding various bags from Spring 2021 runway

It’s officially spring and these bag trends should be no your list or arm!

By Yvette E

We got the details of how to add these spring bags to your wardrobe based on your personal style! Try these bag trends now.

Spring 2021 bags: The file folder

Jill Sauder file folder bag for Spring 2021 bag trend

Jil Sanders file folder bag

Classic style/mod chic

These bags feel like 90’s working girl and if you recently added 90’s fashion to your wardrobe, add this bag to your wardrobe. Also, it’s perfect for classic style (jeans are your enemy but you rarely wear a dress).

Jewelry meets bag

Bruce Glen rhinestone trend for Spring 2021 bags

Sporty Chic

This spring 2021 bags trend features small bags for those who carry less then most women in their bags. Great for morning runs or gym rats. It’s usually big enough to hold money, cellphone or lipstick. Hint: Pair with a water bottle holder for even more chic vibe.

Spring 2021 bags: Fringe all day

All Images courtesy of Cosmopolitan


Fringe returns with a twist and a great way to add a finer edge to your wardrobe if you are into classic style. Mostly, it is also a way for alternative women to add a little chic to their wardrobe. It would look great with ripped jeans or a leather jacket.

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