Curated Ear Trend

Upclose of woman showing off her ear wearing two earrings as a curated ear trend

Multiple ear piercings seem to be a trend not slowing down. Here 3 ways to rock the trend on your own terms.

By Yvette E

Curated ear trend has been around for two years now. I think it allows you to add edge to your look while still being acceptable to modern society.

(Side Note: The looks my sister gets sometimes with her Lebret (center: low lip) and Monroe (top right lip) piercings.)

A curated ear allows one to wear multiple ear piercings and add different earring styles at the same time, However, the word “curated” can’t be ignored. Like a tattoo, the placement of the piercing and what type of earring you wear should also be taken into consideration after the placeholders are removed.

So here are three thing you should consider when first starting out curating your ear.

Size of Ear

An ear with measurement of the distance between the top of the ear opening to the bottom of ear opening in MM

Your ear gauge can determine how many piercings you can receive.

The size of your inner ear opening will not affect placement but also affect how many piercings you can receive. The best way to figure this out to know your ear gauge size.

Ear gauge is the measurement in mm of the center of your ear. I do not recommend ear plugs for anyone with a small (25mm) or less because it could damage your earlobe.

Furthermore, 3 piercings should be the most a person with such a gauge should receive (unless you want to pierce your inner earlobe (known as the darth).

Length of hair

This curated ear has 4 standard lobe piercings and a ear cuff. She has long hair that is free to lay loose.

It seems odd to mention this point but if your hair tangles easily or you like to wear it loose; stick to only lobe piercings rather then the upper cartilage area.

Also, stick to post rather than hoops but an ear plug can be worn if you want to be adventurous.


Thickness of cartilage, size of ear and other factors play a role in placement.

Not all ears are created equal nor are all earrings great in every location. If you want to stick to balls, hoops or studs, you can be more flexible on placement. However, inner ear piercings require more special sets and can only be replaced by a piercing expert.

So if you want more control of earring choice, you should stick to the outer ear.

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