3 Trends to skip Spring 2021

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Not all trends are meant for everyone, so we discuss which ones to leave on the retail floor.

By Yvette E

Valentine’s day is around the corner and we can not help thinking that spring is as well. Despite another snow storm to hit on Monday in my Jersey City apartment, I am consumed with warmer weather. I want a chance to see if I can still rollerblade.

However, while flipping through my fav fashion magazines, I can see some trends lack diversity, body wise. I have thick thighs and wide hips (my small waist saves me from wearing a trash bag).

So like tapered pants, these trends are not for everyone.


Not everyone can pull off this granny -ish trend that pays homage to upcycling. It’s not for those bold breasted, plus size or just the standard nonconforming personal style lover.

If you still want to brave this trend, we suggest a DIY quilting project; opt for a dress instead of a jacket or try granny square knits instead!

The color Yellow

Long associated with urine (and despite being one of my fave colors) the pick of a yellow as the color of the year by Pantone was surprising (and again I love yellow). This color is too bold for the faint of heart; making it this year’s red.

White knee high boots

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Just keeping these clean will be a nightmare! I stay away from white anything for that reason.

If you do feel you need to try out this trend, buy leather and stain guard it for lasting wear.

Happy V Day to the lovers & Galentine’s Day to the Single ladies


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